Jan 6, 2020

Ming-Na Wen is Agent Melinda May in ABC’s Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD

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Ming-Na Wen is an American actress born in Macau.

Ming-Na Wen

Daughter of Chinese parents, with whom she was still very young, 9 months old, she moved to the United States, studied at the Pittsburgh High School and later at Carnegie Mellon University.

Ming-Na Wen

She made her debut in the soap opera As the World Turns, where from 1988 to 1991 she played the role of Lien Hughes, later he participated in films like The Joy Luck Club, Street Fighter and One Night Stand.

Ming-Na Wen

She played also agent Lin Mei in the TV series Vanished and participated in the horror film Prom Night. She has been engaged in the set of Stargate Universe, the third series of Stargate where she plays Camile Wray, representative of the IOA, and in that of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. where she plays the role of agent Melinda May.

Ming-Na Wen

Early Life

When was born on Coloane Island, Macau and lived in Hong Kong with her mother Lin (then working as a nurse) and her older brother, later moving to the United States as a child with her mother, older brother Jonathan, and stepfather first to Queens, New York, where her younger brother Lang was born and then to the Pittsburgh area.

Ming-Na Wen


She has voiced the Disney heroine in the Mulan movie.

Ming-Na Wen

Martial arts

She was skilled in the martial arts and especially technical with a sword.

Ming-Na Wen

Street Fighter

Ming-Na Wen played the iconic character of the imaginary of Street Fighter Chun Li.

Ming-Na_Wen Street Fighter

Ming-Na_Wen in Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a 1994 film directed by Steven E. de Souza. The film is based on the popular Street Fighter video game series.

Ming-Na Wen


Ming-Na Wen starred Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen in the television series ER.

Ming-Na Wen

Two and a half

In Two and a Half Men, she played the role of Linda Harris, in seasons 5 and 7. Besides television, she is notable for starring in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as Melinda May and the films Mulan, Mulan II, The Joy Luck Club, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Ming-Na Wen


She was married from 1990 to 1993 with screenwriter Kirk Aanes and since 1995 she has been married to actor Eric Michael Zee from whom she had two children: Michaela (2000) and Cooper Dominic (2005).

Ming-Na Wen


Ming-Na Wen has 1 million followers on Instagram.

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